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West Sussex CAMHs to AMHs Transitions

We were appointed to provide West Sussex Children's Commissioner in Public Health Directorate with information and understanding about the experience and activity for those young people moving between Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and (Working age) Adult Mental Health Services ((W)AMHS).

We considered the demand, issues, evidence base and gaps in the services offered to young people making the transition from CAMHS to (W)AMHS.

The work included:

  • interviews with staff and stakeholders
  • interviews with parents and service users
  • interrogation of available data
  • online surveys
  • national and local information available via a literature review

We provided a series of recommendations outlining ways to improve the experience and outcomes for this group of young people. 

Please know that the work will result in positive change and that you will have been instrumental in putting us on the right path.
Kate Wesson, Children and Families’ Commissioning Team, West Sussex County Council