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Katie Malley

With over 13 years’ experience in safeguarding and direct work with children and their families, Katie’s main passion is ensuring children get the best in education and care. In her current role as Assistant Principal of a large primary school, Katie leads on all aspects of safeguarding, wellbeing, behaviour and school attendance. Katie’s passion for developing professionals so that they can support children and their families comes from a desire to ensure all children and vulnerable adults are safe from harm and have well trained, confident staff to go to for support.

An accredited Safer Recruitment Consortium trainer and Trauma Informed Schools trainer, she has a wealth of experience in trauma informed practice and safeguarding which enables her to support organisations to develop a culture of safety and support for all. Katie is a trained trainer with the NSPCC and believes strongly that all opportunities for learning should be planned and delivered to the highest standard.  A firm believer in reflective practice and supervision, Katie trained with the NSPCC to develop a school wide approach to supervision to ensure her team and their practice was both safe and effective.

Katie’s particular strength is around establishing clear and effective systems that support both children and the adults working closely with them. Katie’s professional background in education and senior leadership has meant that she has provided leadership to a diverse and multi-disciplinary team.  She has also developed training for other schools, Local Authorities and private providers of nursery provision.  Her training is precise with a clear understanding of her audience’s needs and learning objectives.