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Training Brochure 2022

Our practical programmes set practitioners up to be able to work effectively with families with multiple and complex needs. They focus on skills and strategy development, backed up by an understanding of why approaches work. They produce more confident and competent practitioners who are ready to deliver positive and effective support to families.  

We offer both fully Accredited and skills based training and have a wide variety of delivery options from facilitator lead 'face to face' or 'virtual' offers though to 'self learn' eLearning packages. 

Learners will explore and use a range of tools to engage, communicate, assess and support the underlying causes of families with multiple and complex needs.  This will lead to sustained change within families which enhances their capacity to function effectively in society, contributing positively to their communities.  

The sessions can be purchased individually or combined in a bespoke package to suit the specific needs and priorities of the learners.  Lengths of session can also be negotiated to suit the desired package.  Course notes and support materials are provided electronically, along with a certificate to confirm course completion.

A range of training and development support can be offered, subject to need, but the following are currently offered as standard products. Additional training needs can be explored and met as required.

Our training team will be happy to talk to you about your precise requirements.  Please contact us.