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ADCS publishes new policy paper setting a future vision for the education system

The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) has published it’s new policy paper on education.

The paper, ‘A future vision for the education system’, calls for a “coherent, appropriately funded long term vision and strategy for a 21st century education system, which recognises the importance of place, the role of each organisation, prioritises inclusivity, equality of access and the best interests of all learners.”

ADCS President, John Pearce said “Children and young people are facing multiple pressures including rising poverty, a cost of living crisis and a mental health crisis with long waiting lists for help. They have also sacrificed months of their learning during the pandemic yet the government’s plan and funding for the education system and education recovery remains insufficient. Is it any surprise we are seeing more children who are less engaged with education highlighted by a rising number of school exclusions, persistent absenteeism and a year on year increase in the number of children being educated at home.”

He continued “We urgently need government to set out its national vision for the schools system and how it plans to support all learners, whatever their needs, to achieve their full potential. This must be backed by sufficient long-term funding from government and there must be a strong role for the local authority at its heart, as leader of place. If we continue as we are, with an incoherent and fragmented schools system, a high stakes accountability system, a narrow academic curriculum and insufficient funding across the schools, early years and FE sectors we do children a grave disservice, damaging their life chances and this country’s future economy.”

Read the full paper here.

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Published on 30th November 2023