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Foundations launches Domestic Abuse Evaluation Accelerator Fund

Foundations has announced the launch their first funding call to evaluate domestic abuse programmes in England. They are seeking to commission evaluations of programmes that have a clear focus on children, across the spectrum of early intervention to statutory children’s social care. 

They wish to specifically focus on four areas: preventative and early intervention programmes for at-risk populations, workforce programmes, therapeutic interventions, and perpetrators programmes. These areas span across the spectrum of support – from preventative and early intervention approaches to recovery services for those already affected by domestic abuse – as a holistic, multi-strand approach is required to tackle this issue.

Foundations Chief Executive, Dr Jo Caseborne said “Foundations’ vision is that all vulnerable children have the relationships and support they need to thrive in life. To achieve this vision, we need to end the devastating impact of domestic abuse through prevention programmes and support for survivors that we know work. We hope to make this vision a reality through funding the delivery and evaluation of programmes, to identify some promising models that in time could be promoted in national policy and local services”.

Applications are invited by 5pm on Friday 21st July.

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Published on 4th July 2023