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New report finds a ‘shocking rise’ in child speech and language challenges

A new study by Speech and Language UK estimates that 1.9 million children are now behind with talking and/or understanding of words – the highest number ever recorded and 20% of the total.

The report suggests that, for children who struggle to talk and understand words, their whole lives are affected. Statistics indicate they are six times more likely to fail English tests at 11 and eleven times less likely to pass maths. They are also twice as likely to have a mental health problem, and twice as likely to be unemployed as an adult.

The report outlines nine solutions which, the charity says, would ‘transform the lives of 1.9 million children, their families and our country’.

Commentating on the survey, Jane Harris, Speech and Language UK’s chief executive said: “A lack of investment and prioritisation, and a difficult pandemic has created an alarming number of children struggling with talking and understanding words.

“Our education system has repeatedly failed to recognise that children with speech and language challenges will also struggle with reading, writing and maths. For the 1.9 million children affected, this impacts every aspect of their lives.”

Read the full report here.

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Published on 13th September 2023