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New report suggests ‘Too many at risk of domestic abuse by people on probation’

HM Inspectorate of Probation has published a report inspecting the work undertaken and progress made by the Probation Service to reduce domestic abuse and protect victims.

Following from previous research conducted in 2018 the inspection found:

  • 30 per cent of people on probation are current or previous perpetrators of domestic abuse
  • only 28 per cent of the of people on probation had been sufficiently assessed for any risks of further domestic abuse
  • 45 per cent of the case sample should have had access to an intervention but had not

Commenting on the findings Chief Inspector of Probation Justin Russell said: “Very concerningly, despite some positive developments in policy, little appears to have improved in practice, and in some respects, things have deteriorated. This is unacceptable and is leaving far too many potential victims at risk of domestic abuse.”

Russell continued: “Almost 75,000 people supervised by the Probation Service in or out of custody, have been identified as a current or former domestic abuse perpetrator, so it is essential that their risk is properly assessed and managed. Sadly, we are still finding this is not happening in too many cases and even enquiries with local councils to ensure child safeguarding are not being completed.”

He concluded: “I had hoped that more progress would have been made to address the very serious need to improve probation practice around the risks of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, there has only been minimal positive change. I call on HMPPS to take heed of our recommendations and address the vital improvements that are needed to assist services in their aims, to reduce the risk of further domestic abuse by people on probation for the protection of victims and potential victims.”

Read the full report here.

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Published on 5th July 2023