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Researchers seek views of people who have suffered loss as a result of youth violence

Safer London is looking to gather the views and insights of people who have experienced the loss of someone close due to youth violence in an attempt to build stronger support systems for people in these situations.

A spokesperson from the charity said ‘We’re determined to create positive change and establish a support system that truly understands the challenges young people face when coping with loss through violence. That’s why we are now working with UCL to carry out research to see what support is currently in place and what support should be in place.’

The charity is looking to hear from anyone who has lost someone to youth violence related murder – whether that be a sibling, other family member or friend (minimum age 13). The loss experienced can be historical. Regardless of whether the incident took place 3, 5 or 10 years ago, those affected are still encouraged to take part.

Interviews will take place virtually and will last for approx. 1 hour and participants will receive a voucher for their time. Those who sign up can also access bereavement support from their Specialist Loss & Bereavement Advocate.

Safer London chief executive Sherry Peck said “The lasting trauma caused by murder on families, friends, and communities cannot be overlooked. Our goal is for a research-informed support model to be developed,”

Volunteers are asked to complete an online form to register their interest which can be found here

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Published on 3rd August 2023