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Service Review

Service users are on the receiving end of services derived from a complex local public service system. The challenge is for local areas is to make this system work better for families. 

We work through a structured process to help you to review and redesign services in a way that is supportive, inclusive, sustainable and a mutually beneficial process for the services and the families themselves.

Being external means that we are objective and can provide supportive challenge and can also unpick thorny and sensitive issues. As a national organisation we collect and bring best practice to you. 

Our reviews include workshops and focus groups where we bring together public sector professionals, across tiers and organisations, including frontline staff and leaders. These will reflect and review the existing working and service provider system and consider how it meets the long-standing needs of vulnerable families. It will consider coordination, integration and improvement planning.

We can further support you with service user co-design and service redesign.

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"The associates we worked with made great efforts to engage with staff and got to know the commissioners of the project well, this helped steer the project to it’s successful conclusion and the overall experience was extremely good.”

Case Studies