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Working with Risk - Assessing, Managing, and Holding Risk when working with children and families

We have created a days training programme around Assessing, Managing, and Holding Risk when working with children and families. It will have a practical focus so that participants can apply the learning directly to their practice.

Learners will contemplate their personal view of risk and explore how that applies in their work. We consider identifying tools and the skills required to name and identify risk.

The course can be delivered in house face to face or virtually and will be tailored to fit your specific needs.

The course is suitable for all those working directly with children and individuals.

One day course

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Have an awareness of our own response to risk and considerations where this may stem from.
  • Understand different levels of risk and be able to identify appropriate interventions
  • Have knowledge of systemic models of working with risk including the Safe Uncertainty model
  • Have an awareness of any systems in place to manage risk and understand skills to access them appropriately. 
  • Build confidence in working with family networks to name and manage risk
  • Explore practice skills when working with children and young people where there is fluctuating risk.
  • All courses are offered on a Face to Face or Virtual basis.
  • Bespoke & Open Training Courses Available.

Case Studies

Cancellation Policy

We are very flexible and will do our utmost to rearrange training should the need arise, but our trainers obviously commit themselves to the training days agreed and so if you need to cancel at short notice we will need to charge a cancellation fee to cover their time.