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We provide mediation services. Mediation can be used to resolve disagreements around workplace relationships.

We provide a safe and supportive environment to:

  • ensure that all participants feel heard
  • find solutions that everyone agrees to
  • improve communication
  • consider ‘what good looks like’ from multiple perspectives
  • allow everyone involved to have control of what’s finally agreed

 Every package of mediation support is tailor made to participants and the situation. We usually talk to participant separately to hear their version of events, explore their perspectives and feelings, and if agreed, bring all participants together to talk with a view to finding a way forward. Outcomes are decided by everyone involved and can be flexible. Outcomes might include:

  • an acknowledgement of each party’s views
  • a commitment to change behaviour
  • a commitment to regularly review the agreement reached 
  • an agreement to review policies and procedures
  • an agreement to share work more fairly and provide more responsibility

 Contact us for an informal chat about how we could help you.

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