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Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) - Open Training

Criminal exploitation and county lines have devastating effects on children,  vulnerable adults and our communities. This 1 day awareness course is designed to demystify and clarify what we are dealing with, how to recognise it and find ways to support those who feel trapped within it.

  • To identify what is Child Criminal Exploitation and gain an understanding of what is ‘County Lines’.
  • Identify the polices and guidance available in relation to this area of safeguarding
  • To recognise who is at risk and consider levels of vulnerability.
  • To consider the grooming processes used in Child Criminal exploitation
  • Discuss referral and assessment pathways far cases
  • Highlight some examples of good practice across the country


  • All courses are offered on a Face to Face or Virtual basis.
  • Bespoke & Open Training Courses Available.

Case Studies

Cancellation Policy

We are very flexible and will do our utmost to rearrange training should the need arise, but our trainers obviously commit themselves to the training days agreed and so if you need to cancel at short notice we will need to charge a cancellation fee to cover their time.