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Family Group Conferences

This course is for those people with some basic knowledge of family group conferences who wish to increase their understanding and obtain the necessary skills to co-ordinate family group conferences. 

This 3 day course is split into 6 interactive sessions with home learning tasks to support learning and understanding


To provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to facilitate Family Group Conferences 

Learning Objectives 

For all participants to gain: 

  • An understanding of the value and principles which underpin Family Group Conferences 
  • To develop a working knowledge of FGCs, including understanding the skills in preparing for the FGC, managing the meeting and the process that follows;
  • An insight into the legal and policy framework within which FGC’s operate;
  • To understand the issues involved in supporting children’s participation in the FGC process.
  • To recognise the complexities of family led decision-making and learn skills in managing these complexities and conflicts in families;
  •  To experience the practical application of the above through role play

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