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Child Development

To be able to effectively work with children, young people and families an understanding of child development is crucial.  This practical programme covers both key age and stage milestones and more importantly the impact of the these stages on positive outcomes for children and young people.  Practitioners will explore the key facts and theory around early brain development and consider neglect and complex needs on long term resilience and positive life chances.  The training produces confident, competent professionals who are able to assess and support families and individual children.

The course is suitable for those working with families in their own homes or community, through health, social care, housing or the voluntary sector or those working with individuals or groups of children in schools and children centres. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand key developmental milestones in child development.
  • Understand the emotional intelligence of children.
  • Key stages of brain development and its impact on practice.
  • All courses are offered on a Face to Face or Virtual basis.
  • Bespoke & Open Training Courses Available.

Case Studies

  • FACT 22 Crewe C Change

    C-Change is a structured, evidence based approach to assessing parental capacity to change in situations where the parenting is likely to be causing harm to their children. The FACT 22 team felt they would benefit from a structured approach to assessing a parent’s capacity to change that worked alongside their solution-focused, strengths-based approach.
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  • Troubled Families Support (Birmingham)

    Birmingham City Council requested support from Interface to increase the capacity of the team leading the Troubled Families programme...
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  • Westminster Family Hubs Training

    Interface provided extensive support over 2 years supporting the creation of Family hubs and skilling up the workforce in their Early Help model

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  • Swansea Social Services Training in Trauma Informed Practice

    We were really happy to be invited to run a further Trauma Informed Practice Course for Swansea Social Services Workforce. This course was to be delivered virtually and consisted of the use of pre-recorded materials as well as four live sessions.
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Cancellation Policy

We are very flexible and will do our utmost to rearrange training should the need arise, but our trainers obviously commit themselves to the training days agreed and so if you need to cancel at short notice we will need to charge a cancellation fee to cover their time.