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Working Effectively with Young People – Understanding Adolescent Development and Contextual Safeguarding in Families

In our work across the Country we see concerns and issues around:

  • Lack of provision/skills/support that enables practitioners to feel confident to manage adolescent risk.
  • Local authorities spending huge amounts of money on out of area looked after placements for adolescents where the family unit has broken down.
  • An increase in Childhood Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Criminal Exploitation (CE), substance misuse, adolescent on parent violence and mental health issues.
  • Decreased services available for young people in the community to meet adding pressure on family services.
  • Staff sharing that it is increasingly difficult to engage the young people/adolescents as part of a wider family plan.

The risk factors for young people are spiralling. Practitioners are telling us that they are not feeling confident in how to respond. Systems and processes are not in place to support the response to contextualised safeguarding issues.

We have created a range of training packages and consultancy support options.


We have created a 3 day programme:

Day 1 – The foundations – Understanding young people, adolescents and risk.

Day 2 – Understanding and managing risk.

Day 3 – Theories, Tools and Practical Application to support intervention.

Consultancy Support

We also have a highly experienced team who are able to support systems, processes and leaders around contextual safeguarding.

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  • All courses are offered on a Face to Face or Virtual basis.
  • Bespoke & Open Training Courses Available.

Case Studies

Cancellation Policy

We are very flexible and will do our utmost to rearrange training should the need arise, but our trainers obviously commit themselves to the training days agreed and so if you need to cancel at short notice we will need to charge a cancellation fee to cover their time.