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Skills Training

We offer a wide range of practical hands-on training giving practitioners the skills and tools to carry out their role effectively. Training focuses on skills and strategy development, and understanding why approaches work.

All of our courses are offered either face to face or on a  virtual basis via either Zoom or MS Teams.

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We have developed a comprehensive range of training that we offer for schools and academies. Please see our leaflet here for further information.

Working with Children, Parents & Families


Interface are trusted by…

It was very comprehensive. The course was adapted as it progressed. The trainer great at thinking on her feet and amending course content.

Learner on Staff Support and Supervision Course

Interface have delivered several training events for us and have been been a really positive, upbeat and flexibility organisation to work with. The training events have been excellent; engaged my teams, pitched and paced at the right level and have been valued by the staff who attended and contributed robustly to our programme of continuing professional development across our multi-disciplinary team.

Justin Elder, Early Start Group

I have really enjoyed this course. It was engaging, purposeful & one of the most enabling courses to reflect & be honest on. You created a safe & open space that made it extremely easy to learn by osmosis from the group as well as the course content. Thank you!

Delegate - Early Help Programme, Shropshire Autumn 2021

Trainer was really excellent, knew her stuff and engaged the group. Useful training for staff at all levels in Children's Services

Learner, Trauma Informed Practice Programme, LB Enfield

This is crucial training- especially in light of the current world situation- everyone is experiencing some kind of trauma at the moment and for some this may tip them over the edge. These strategies will provide a net to catch them and hopefully enable them to find the right approach and self-belief to rebuild and move on successfully.

Learner, Our Way of Working programme

Clare was fantastic and really helped us to provide consistency of approach to the teams through the clarity of her presentation and engaging all within the training sessions she has run. She has been supportive and provided appropriate challenge throughout the sessions providing a really safe and effective learning space for all.

Service Manager, Family Support Service, Bucks CC

The course was inspirational as well as being highly empowering. My colleagues and I are using the skills taught to ensure that our communication with clients and the children have a greater impact as well as being sympathetic to their needs and perceptions.

Bracknell Forest Council Team Leader

Interface as always have been professional and flexible in their approach and delivery, working with us to get the most out of the programme. Without exception the practitioners completing the Level 4 certificate have fedback that the trainers are excellent, the sessions varied and interesting, that they felt supported throughout the programme and that the course has improved their practice. They loved the projects, which are still being developed further for use by Shropshire Early Help Practitioners to use with families.

Kay Smallbone, Troubled Families Strategic Coordinator, Shropshire Council

The Motivational Conversations course was inspirational as well as being highly empowering. My colleagues and I are using the skills taught to ensure that our communication with clients and the children have a greater impact as well as being sympathetic to their needs and perceptions. If you have any contact with Wendy please can you share my comments.

Local Education Advisor, Bracknell Forest

Thank you for the useful and informative training session. The guidance that your trainer gave and the discussions mean that the school and the governors will be better prepared and more confident when they are inspected.

Clerk to the Stapleford Community Primary School Governing Body

We approached Interface to discuss the delivery of their Supervision training in-house for our organisation. Their proposed solution allowed for us to tailor the training to exactly meet our needs. The trainers delivery was engaging and inclusive. She used lots of relevant and practical examples imparting her extensive knowledge. Delegates left the training with specific individual plans which should have a positive impact on their practice of supervision.

Wendy Such (Parenting Coordinator, Bracknell Forest)

Thank you! The trainer was extremely knowledgeable, the course was really useful to me and I learnt a great deal that will be of use.

Ashmead Primary School Teacher

Interface were very flexible in meeting our organisation’s needs. The trainer’s style was particularly effective in holding, supporting and gently challenging staff during a period of significant change and subsequent uncertainty. Her training style is clear, warm, appropriately challenging and encourages reflection. She has fed back regularly to managers on any wider issues that have been raised during the training and that we should be considering which is particularly helpful. Feedback from participants has been consistently positive about the quality of the delivery of the training.

Kirsten Carr, Early Help Transformation and Impact Manager (London Borough of Haringey)

I am confident that I will be more effective towards engaging with families and young people.

Learner on Effective Engagement and Communication with Families course

Has given me a better understanding and knowledge to take on this role.

Learner on Chairing Team around the Family meetings course

I will put it all into practice and be much more aware of tools provided to assist families and also be much more aware of how I practice.

Learner on Motivational Interviewing course

I would encourage all of my colleagues to attend this training. Excellent tutor with great knowledge base. Very informative with an ability to captivate an audience - excellent.

Learner on Common Mental Health Issues and their Impact on Families

Very beneficial and interesting. Clear training. Essential. I will note risk appropriately to self and family and constantly update risk assessment to enable me to maintain awareness of change with family circumstances.

Learner on Risk Assessments course

Fantastic case studies, excellent!!! About the trainers – I loved the use of their own examples encountered through their own work.

Learner on Intensive Family Support and the Role of the Key Worker course

Really beneficial doing relevant activities – makes it real and good to talk about. Perfectly executed through the day it was Interesting and eye opening - made me think.

Learner on Whole family Assessments course (Oxfordshire)

The feedback was unequivocally positive, with particular reference to the inclusive learning style of the trainers and the flexibility of the course. People liked the practical exercises and have followed up with team discussions.

Service Manager Family Interventions/ Troubled Families Coordinator

A fantastic course, really enjoyed it, well supported. I am much more aware of the partnership and whole family approach, which I intend to take back to my place of work.

FIP Project Manager (Portsmouth)

The new staff team were most enthusiastic about the course content, the skills of the facilitators and the opportunities for bonding as a team. The programme was well structured and as requested the learning was delivered in a variety of engaging styles. The end of week presentations clearly evidenced a lot of hard work and high energy. The staff who joined us this week have clearly benefited from the week and have resources to draw upon and confident in their own expertise and knowledge. They are skills sharing and proving a good level of support and encouragement to one another as they embark on work with some of the most troubled families in the three boroughs.

Family Coaching Service Manager Tri Borough

I have been very pleased by the work carried out by Interface. They were able to work flexibly and adapted well to our requirements. The training was designed and delivered in a constantly changing environment and Interface were able to work well with this and didn't get frustrated! The quality of the training delivered was consistently evaluated as excellent.

Together for Families Lead Officer (Cambridge)